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Sick of feeling uneasy when buying or selling second hand items over the internet?

IPromise takes care of payment stress by securing the buyer’s payment before the item is sent. It is only released to the seller when the item arrives. Use IPromise to avoid payment scams and protect both parties.

IPromise can be used to buy or sell anything, but is frequently used for:

IPromise can be used to buy or sell anything, but is frequently used for:




Facebook Marketplace

TradeMe Sales

Buyers pay when a price is AGREED.

Payment is only released when both parties agree the sale is complete.

Whether the items are being sold on Trade Me, Facebook Marketplace or via an e-commerce website, you can use IPromise to securely manage the transaction and payment. IPromise is independent of any selling platform and our purpose is to provide transaction security. You know the buyer has the cash, and the buyer knows their payment is protected. It’s a win-win.

Transaction security with limited admin

We’re here to make buying and selling simple and secure. Agreeing the price and accepting the exchange has taken place are the only admin tasks you need to worry about.

Paid into a BNZ Trust Account

Once the price is agreed, the purchase amount is transferred by the buyer via IPromise into the secure IPromise BNZ Trust Account where it is held. The seller can send the item knowing the buyer has the money for the item. Payment is released by the buyer when they receive the item.

Your payments are protected.

No more payment risk for selling or buying goods. Nada. None. Instant payment and security is baked into our system.

Credit / Debit Payment Options

Buyers can pay for items using a NZ Credit or Debit Card up to a limit of $10,000.

Affordable Payment Security

Using IPromise costs the seller a flat fee of $10 on all transactions. There is no cost to the buyer. Enjoy no sign up fee to IPromise if you are buying or selling items. No commission is taken on NZ Bank Account to NZ Bank Account transactions.


Yes, you read that right – $10 one-off cost per sale, paid by the seller.

Hear from others – don’t take our word for it!

Selling my caravan was a breeze, only a few minutes to register and send the quote – so easy. It made the exchange secure for me and the buyer.

Luke, Taranaki, NZ

I’ve always been uneasy about paying people prior to receiving the goods. IPromise took all the angst out of our recent caravan purchase. The seller knew I had the money and my money was protected until I received and inspected it.

Kat, New Plymouth, NZ

Need to chat it through?

Our team is here to support with any of your queries, book a chat using the button below and we’ll come back to you.

Your Trades, Protected

Simple and Secure
Debit and Credit Card Friendly
Fair and Equitable
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Does IPromise offer finance?2023-10-13T13:08:57+13:00

If you require finance to pay for work you need completed (like a house renovation / professional services) or if you are buying an item (like a car / electronics), you can apply for finance from our finance partner – Finance Now. See here for more info.

Can users pay with credit card?2023-10-13T13:13:56+13:00

Users can now pay for IPromise quotes by NZ Credit or Debit Card up to a limit of $10,000.

I’m selling an item on Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace, can I use IPromise to secure a buyer payment before I send the item?2023-10-13T13:18:47+13:00

Yes. IPromise is a fair and secure payment method for handling your online payment and making sure the item is delivered.

I have delivered the item(s) but the buyer has not released the payment from IPromise’s BNZ Trust Account (escrow account). What should I do?2023-10-13T13:20:47+13:00

Payment should be released immediately by the buyer when they are in receipt of the item(s) and have inspected them. Respectfully contact the buyer and ask them to please release the payment. They could have simply forgotten or they may have misplaced the email. Remember both parties rate each other, so efficient and timely actions are key to the success of the system and everyone’s transacting profile. 

NB: The amount in the IPromise BNZ Trust Account (escrow account) is not to be used by the buyer as a warranty period or product insurance. Buyers unreasonably and/or regularly withholding payment release may be prohibited from using IPromise for future trades.

The buyer provides me with the item(s) and they are either damaged or not in the condition I expected. What should I do?2023-10-13T13:22:22+13:00

Firstly, do not accept that the transaction is ‘Completed’. Never release the payment to the seller (via the IPromise app) until you are 100% satisfied the item(s) you purchased arrived as you expected and quoted. Contact the seller immediately and tell them why you are not accepting the item(s). Take photos and record what is not meeting your expectations. You need to pay and arrange a safe transfer back to the seller, take a photo of proof of return to the seller and the condition the item(s) were in. Follow the refunds / disputes process and ultimately request a refund via the IPromise refund authorisation form. Open, honest and fair communication is essential throughout the process by both parties.

The buyer is asking me to send the item(s) before they have secured the quote by payment into IPromise’s BNZ Trust Account (escrow account). Should I do this?2023-10-13T13:23:29+13:00

No, only send or hand over the agreed item(s) once the quote has been secured with payment into IPromise’s BNZ Trust Account (escrow account).

I have two or more potential buyers for an item, do I send IPromise quotes to them all?2023-10-13T13:24:30+13:00

No, absolutely not. It is important to firstly agree on a price with one buyer and then send one quote per transaction. If you want the buyer to decide quickly, we recommend putting a very short expiry date on the quote e.g. one day. That way if the buyer doesn’t secure the quote before it expires, you can send a new quote to another buyer.

N.B.: You can quickly edit the expired quote and send it to another buyer to save you time.

How much does it cost to sell an item on IPromise?2023-10-13T13:26:09+13:00

It costs the seller a flat fee of $10 on all transactions. There is no cost to the buyer. There is currently no sign up fee to IPromise if you are buying or selling items. No commission is taken on NZ Bank Account to NZ Bank Account transactions.

Does IPromise work for any item I am selling?2023-10-13T13:27:26+13:00

Yes it does. IPromise offers secure payment for any item. e.g. vehicles, boats, sporting equipment, building materials, antiques, art, jewellery etc.

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