Finance NOW
Have personalised loans to suit your every need.

If you require finance to pay for work you need completed (like a house renovation / professional services etc.) or if you are buying an item (like a car / electronics etc.), you can apply for finance from our finance partner – Finance Now.

A Finance Now Personal Loan lets you:

  • Borrow between $1,000 – $60,000
  • Apply Online with fast approvals
  • Once approved, authorise contract electronically and receive the cash in your account within 24hrs

How it works

1. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and get directed to the Finance Now Online Application Form
2. Complete the finance application form and submit it to Finance Now
3. Secure your loan and receive payment from Finance Now into your bank account
4. Access the IPromise Quote that was emailed to you by the Service provider or item Seller. You can find the quote in your IPromise App Dashboard if you are registered, or search for the ‘IPromise Quote’ in your email to find the quote.
5. Click on the ‘Accept Quote’ button in the Quote Summary within the App or directly from the email quote to secure the quote.

6. Log into your bank account where the Finance Now loan was deposited and make the transfer following the payment instructions.
7. Payment transfer is complete and your job will now be ‘In Progress’.

The loan amount is held in the IPromise Trust account until successful job completion or the item is successfully delivery to you. When you are satisfied with job completion or item delivery you release the payment to your Service provider or item Seller. They will notify you when this is required.

Here is what you’ll will need to complete your application with Finance Now:

1. You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident and currently living in New Zealand
2. You must be older than 18 years of age
3. Your fortnightly or monthly income (after tax)
4. Your employment details
5. Current proof of identity (Passport or Drivers Licence)

* Approval is subject to Finance Now’s normal lending criteria and loan terms, including our responsible lending obligations.