The best way to cover investigations of faults (or unknown outcomes) is to quote and send the customer the minimum cost of the call out fee. For example, it might be one hour of your time and travel (if applicable). Don’t go to the job until your customer has paid the minimum amount into the secure BNZ Trust Account (escrow account). You can then attend the job, complete the investigation and add a variation to that ‘call out fee quote’ detailing the work you have found that is required to be actioned.

That way you have at least locked away the call out fee money for your valuable time and your customer is clear about what additional costs are required. They can then decide to proceed or otherwise with the remediation. The great thing about IPromise is that by completing the first ‘call out fee quote’ you have all the correct contact details for your customer saved in IPromise and future quotes are transparent and simple to manage from then on.